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Find some of the most powerful presentations given by Pastor Frank Phillips and other Christ centered speakers. Everything we carry is free for listening online, downloading, and sharing. Please visit our Media Center “Click Here“.

Contact us for free copies of CD’s for yourself or to share with others.

There are also several books being made available. You can get “His Robe or Mine” and “God’s Last Effort” in English or Spanish for free or read them online now.

These messages are so important and timely that we cannot sell them but offer them for free so you too can get the blessings and also share them with others.  Time is short and we want to see everyone in heaven that is willing to go.
    If you have a testimony of how Justified Walk media has affected your life, please give us a call at 269-471-9224 or send us an email at:
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   May God bless you with these exciting and powerful message,
                                                              The Justified Walk Volunteers


30 thoughts on “Welcome to Justified Walk Ministries.

  1. Brother Phillips messages and book has been a blessing to my life. How I wish, He was alive today, to ponder on God’s words.

    1. we really appreciate for the good message of God here in Malawi and we are blessed with His Robe or Mine books.We are happy and joy with our discussion of justified group members who desire always with the word of God.We thank for Justifiedwalk members to hold the hands together to distribute the books up to us here

  2. Someone left your CD “How good is perfect” at our church for anyone to take, I listened to it over and over, it is so refreshing, I gave it to a friend. I am going to get the whole series. Thankyou for making the beautiful truths from Pastor Phillips available.

  3. I was going to join my brother @ a ‘campmeeting’ in CA. I prayed about it but, the door was closed for me. I prayed for another blessing. God answered that prayer. My brother told me someone came and gave him the book and CD. He told me to order one for myself, it was free but they accept donations. I ordered and asked for all 9 CD’s. I recently asked my brother about who gave him the book. He said a man was going out the door as he was going in. Doesn’t know even what he looked like. As far as I am concerned, it could have been an angel!
    I have read book, listened over and over to CD’s. I am only at the beginning stages of learning this message, but have already been SO BLESSED! I want to work in spreading this message, in what ever way God has in store for me.
    I am finally starting to understand Righteousness by Faith. Thank you God!

  4. This message is true for this time. Actually it constitutes the truth about the nature of Christ and I would like to thank you very much for the work you have done and are doing.

  5. We got your CD 3 of 9 Justified Walk Series “How Good is Perfect” during our visit to the GC in July 2015. However it was only now that we heard it. It was amazing to hear of the profound Truths revealed in it. Even though we were baptized 25 years ago we were never told of this born again experience that you have shared. We praise God for His immense love shown to me and my family. We want this experience. Please pray for us. Thank you and God bless you and strengthen your ministry.

  6. Thank you for your website, I was given CD3 of the Justified Walk series quite some time ago by a friend and it got lost in the shuffle, I ran across it again a couple of weeks ago, listened to it last week and was so blown away! I could not understand why I was always falling on my face, realizing that I was trying to do it under my own power instead of Christ’s, but I didn’t know what to do differently. I am so excited about this. I want to help spread this message because I know there are many others out there like me. Please keep me in your prayers, still need to pray about being baptized again now that I understand, going to listen to it again; and thank you again for having these messages out there. Referring people to this website. God bless you in the work you are doing.

  7. My life has never been the same since I read the Book His Robe or mine. I have also listened to audios on Christ’s righteousness. Whoever is behind this work keep doing this, its God’s initiative. (Gugu in SA)

  8. Wow! What an eye opener the little booklet God’s Last message to Awaken his People is..truly this will be our inreach sharing book this year..the Laodicean message needs to be heard right now…Our probation is just about to close..Continued blessings to this ministry.

  9. I love to be one of this happy family. May the Lord bless is workin our hand in Jesus name. thanks

  10. A friend and prayer partner told me about the book, “His Robe or Mine” more than a year ago. She had promised to get me a copy, but hadn’t. However, she came to an event in March of this year (2016) and brought the book with her. I began reading it, and the Lord has opened my eyes and has changed my life. I have listened to all the tapes, and have read, The Branch and the Vine. Since then I have ordered 2 boxes of books and have been sharing them with anyone who will receive. I know the end is near and Jesus is coming soon, and I desire, through the Holy Spirit, to be ready and to help others be ready as well.
    Thank you all for serving God through print.
    Grateful/ Blessed in Cherryville, NC

  11. Thank you so much for your ministry! I have listened to the audios of the Branch and the Vine, over and over, to get it all implanted in my head. My small church group will begin reading, The Branch and the Vine, at prayer meeting within the next week or so. We already have the books. This is an awesome ministry!

  12. My life has never been the some since Iread the Book HIS ROBE OR MINE I request more books after reading this book and receiving the rimission of sins by believing in the gospel of christ amen.

  13. Hey, I got the cd and the book by Frank Philips from my brother whom you had mailed to all the way to Kenya. I have listened to all the sermons and am almost done with reading the book. I thank God very much for the messages and my perception of God and the whole plan of redemption has really changed.
    I now even see that these messages were really meant to enlighten me and draw me closer to Christ.
    God bless you for your commitment.

  14. I like the book His Robe or mine I would like another one because I am not finish with the one I have and I want to get one for a friend


  16. I had heard theoretically that the word of God is like a two edged sword. When i went through the book “His Robes or Mine”, it all came to reality. What a blessing to have these messages! thank you so much and my wish is to meet this men on the great day for he has been a blessing and is still a blessing to me in Jesus amen.

  17. The book “The Vine and The Branches” is very good. It happens to be what we are studying in our prayer meetings at church every Wednesday night. Such a blessing! The book goes hand in hand with “His Robe or Mine”.

  18. I have been bless by His Robe or Mine and CD I’d like to know more of it. My mind has bas been challenge with the clear messages of Pastor Frank Phillips.

  19. Several years ago someone gave me the book His Robe or Mine .I lent it to the Pastor ,he read it ,but forgot to return it.That book is God sent every body in the world need to read it , especially ministers. A few days ago I came across the DVD and almost daily I am listening to the message it is keeping my spirits up . It is a real blessing to me. I would like to get some to share with some folks I gave bible studies to while visiting my home in the Caribbean during the holidays .God bless this ministry.

  20. Hello I am a deacon an involved in Personal Ministries. I just have to say I have been re-energized with the material you provide that is adjacent to the Word of God. I recently ordered a 100 copies of God’s Last Attempt to Awaken His People. I am excited to see how it moved the saints and my prayer is that it shakes them up as it has done to me. Stay blessed.

  21. “His Robe or Mine” I was so impressed after 46 years of trying to be at peace with Christ and this book really opened my eyes. i thank you for your insight in revealing to me this wonderful book.

  22. I have been reading ‘His robe or mine’ just finished chapter 4, praise God for these encouraging words. Thank you.

  23. Thank you!!!
    Your book Branch and the Vine has answered questions ive had all my life …
    This book, and two others that ive read should be the foundation of every Bible study in every home and church
    For many years i have questioned the reasons and explanations given to how to serve God. No one could answer my questions . Now I’m satisfied with a simple example of just being a Branch….

    Thanks God Bless

  24. God is Great!, and greatly to be praised!, He knew just what I needed. I stumbled onto this book His Robe or Mine at a funeral of a brother in Christ, I have been reintergized! Amen! And will support your, and our, and above all His ministries

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