Frank Phillips

Frank B. Phillips served the church he loved for over 45 years, including ten years as a conference youth leader, five years as the personal director of an acute care hospital and sixteen years as pastor of churches in Washington and Oregon. After his official retirement, he spent the next the years conducting revival meetings with the help of his wife and constant companion Dorothy. The Phillips have two children, Roland and Alice. Along the way, he was given an honorary master’s degree by Andrews University for his Biblical scholarship. Frank and Dorothy were deeply loved by multitudes who were profoundly blessed by their ministry. Born in 1914, he died in Jesus in 1994.

The Atonement
A 13 part series all about Atonement (At One With).

The Branch & the Vine
The Branch and the Vine was a series to pastor Franks own local Congregation. There are 6 presentations in this series, and all are based on John 15

The Cross of Jesus Christ
“Pick up your cross and follow me”.

Child Guidance
What parent doesn’t need some guidance on rearing up children. It’s not as if there is a manual, is there? Well this series will help you in many ways in keeping a Christian home.

Christ Our Righteousness
A 25 part series by Frank Phillips

How Righteousness by Faith Worked in Bible Characters
A 12 part series by Frank Phillips

Impending Conflict
A 14 part series by Frank Phillips

Justified Walk Series
The Justified Walk series was a Week of Prayer given in 1978 at Andrews University. In this series, you will find how clear the plan of salvation is and how to apply it to your daily life. This series has been listened to by the thousands and has changed lives, marriages, and families that have struggled through the walk of life and have now come to the foot of the cross. Learn how to put Christ where He belongs; in your daily life.

Righteousness by Faith
A 10 part series on how to apply the message of Righteousness by Faith in one’s Christian’s life.

Salem series
A 10 part series presented at Salem, OR

Miscellaneous Sermons
9 powerful sermons by Frank Phillips

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  1. I have been so blessed by your book His Robe or Mine, it has literally changed life spiritually and physically. I received from you a package of resources last year and have been prayerfully through the influence of the Holy Spirit handing them to individuals. The feedback have been great, lives are being transformed as a result. Thank you for your ministry and I hope that God’s blessings will continue to shower on it.

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