Justified Walk

by Frank Phillips
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1. Deny Self or Self Denial

2. Suffering in Fellowship or Fellowship in Suffering

3. How Good is Perfect

4. It’s Legal Anywhere

5. Graveyard Religion

6. A Scion in Him

7. Confidential, Top-Secret Information

8. Ladders are for Climbing

9. First Things First

8 thoughts on “Justified Walk

    1. Hello, I was living in Urbana when I ordered materials and began sharing the CDs, a Sister in church is asking for the complete series of Franks Phillips, she and her husband love the CD 3# of Justified walk.

      I will send and offering to help this ministry!

      I have been very blessed by it!


  1. I have started to read the book ‘His robe or mine’ which has lead me to listen to sermon number three ‘How good is perfect?’ this was a powerful sermon… incredible! praise God, this message is just what I needed to hear! I am keen to listen to all the others.

  2. I have been blessed beyond words by the powerful sermons of both Pastors Frank Phillips and Glenn Coon. The love God has for me and all His children is amazing and hard to understand. But I’m so glad He gave this wonderful message to these men to share hope with the world. God bless you for making these sermons available.

  3. I came across the book “His Robe or Mine” Graveyard Religion sent me to tears early dawn today. When big problems confront me, for years I struggled how to know His will for me, how to discern it was the Holy spirit, not discovering I have been deceived listening to Satan’s subtile argument whispering you will fall…old nature is not dead? Relying heavily in feelings for guidance stunned me, tortured me. My mind in chaos, clouded with uncertainty, only today i realized. Shall i wear His robe or mine? Who do I believe? I understood now: Keep His word, the Light in my path, believe in faith with or without feelings. God never lie. Thank you very much. Can’t hold my tears for praises glorifying my Rabbonni. Relieve and FREE! How Great Thou Art! Keep me at the Cross. He lives within my heart. It is well it is well with my soul. Hallelujah!

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