Emma’s Testimony

Justified Walk Ministries has been given permission to publish and share these letters

My name is Emma. A friend gave me a copy of His Robe or Mine. I want to tell you, this book is changing my life. The earliest I can remember it happening is the age of 3. My father sexually abused me from the time I was 3-years old till I was about 15-years old. I became pregnant. It was my fathers. I did not go full
term with the baby; I miscarried. I believe I was around the age of 15.

I was also raped by one of my brothers at the age of 7.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I have fought all my life to feel and act, what I thought was normal. I was just an emotional wreck, and I could not control anything in my life. I had no say in anything and felt I had to do whatever a man would ask or demand of me. I never knew I had a WILL. I never knew I had a choice in anything. That is what incest and lack of spiritual knowledge does to you.

When a very good friend of mine gave me this book called His Robe or Mine, my life started changing in ways I never knew were even possible for me. When I read the chapter on the WILL, I was absolutely amazed!! My heart for the first time in my life realized the plan of salvation and that God in His Wondrous Love sent His son down to Earth to fight for my WILL. He fought so hard for me and my right to have my WILL that He ended up dying on a cross. He won His battle with Satan and sin and won back my WILL. Now that is, in and of itself, a great love that I have never known. But here comes the greatest love for me. He not only fought and won back my WILL, He won it back so that HE COULD GIVE IT BACK TO ME!!! Then He said to me, “Emma, you may now decide FOR YOURSELF who you would like to give your WILL to”. My dear people of “Justified Walk”, do you have any idea what this understanding
has done for an abused person? Me? A person who has been abused by her father can’t relate at all to her Heavenly Father. What a struggle it has been for me to just hang on to the concept of God much less have a relationship with Him.

FREEDOM has come to me through reading this book His Robe or Mine, and the Holy Spirit helping me to understand. Did it happen all at once? The understanding of my WILL was immediate, and I cried like I have never cried before. But the decision to give my WILL to God or Satan took 3 days. I
decided to make out a list of all the characteristics of God and what He has to offer, and all the characteristics of Satan and all he has to offer. I ended up with 3 pages of characteristics for both. I was up 24 hrs reading my lists and rereading them. This choice was not as easy as one might think.

For the next 2 days I was reading and rereading my lists. Satan offers a pretty alluring list. Most of the things that were on Satan’s list were the things that I had used as comfort throughout my life. They were all I knew, and how I handled my problems. God’s list was soothing and peaceful, but I had never known peace, so there was also fear of that and of God Himself. What a wrestling I had between the two. I thought I would go crazy before it was over!
On the third day, I woke up and reread my lists. At that moment, my heart was convicted and I gave my WILL to Christ and the Father and the Holy Spirit. What an awesome peaceful experience that was and still is in my heart.
Has Satan tried to take it back? You bet he has and he will never give up. But I don’t have to fight him anymore. My Jesus and My Father fight him for me!!! Praise God for His wondrous love for me and every sexually abused child.

Thank you for this FREE book. It will lead you to the Freedom your soul cries for. Thank you for listening to my story.
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NOTE: We asked Emma for a way people could contact her. This is printed with her permission. JW