Bryan’s Testimony

Justified Walk Ministries has been given permission to publish and share these letters

A little over a year ago my pastor came over with the cd How Good is Perfect from Mr. Phillips. Me and my wife sat and listened to it with him. I was so touched that I asked to borrow it. He let me keep it. I listened to it one more time and then put it up. 2 months ago my wife and I separated and it was devastating to me. The pastor that gave the cd to me had gone to Armenia for mission work for the conference. I had sent him an email telling him what had
happened with me and my wife. He called me from Armenia and we talked for an hour about all that was going on. At the end of our conversation and prayer he asked me if I still had that cd. I did and he told me I should listen to it.
I did, and I listened to it day and night. In my truck as I was driving back and forth to work, at work through my computer and then when I got home I listened to it. It was non stop.
Each time I heard it I would learn something I didn’t get before. My prayers about me and my wife over the course of 2 weeks went from asking God to show my wife what she was doing, to show me what I was doing, to finally thanking Him for sending me through this.

My whole attitude had changed about the experience, and within a month me and my wife were back together stronger than ever. It was like we had fallen in love all over again. God took something that Satan had started and turned it into the most beautiful blessing ever. Just like pastor Phillips quoted about accepting everything as coming from Christ himself.

I am so thankful that you had started this ministry when you did, and how you made this material available. My pastor got a hold of it and gave it to me. I believe God in His wisdom brought it to me because He knew i would need it later, and that I would have to have a new character to get through it over a year later. God is Awesome.

Also, I always kind of wondered how to know if you really loved God. Through this experience, the cd, and God showing me what I needed to know at the right time I now realize that I DO love the Lord.
God Bless the message you are putting out there. It has led me to learning so much, and a new love for our Lord Jesus.

Thank you Bryan